Dustless media blasting is a perfect solution to remove PAINT, BODY FILLER, and RUST without warping the vehicle’s body panels.  Surfaces are safe from warping due to a heat free application since the water cools and reduces friction.

Our Mobile Dustless Media Blasting service allows us to operate at your location. Using compressed water during the process encapsulates dust particles eliminating huge plumes of dust associated with traditional sand blasting methods.

Rust Inhibitor is used with the water to prevent flash rust and ensures that the surface is clean of contaminates. Your vehicle will be ready for primer in no time!


We offer the safest and most efficient service for maintaining, restoring and cleaning your marine vessel. 

Our versatile system can adjust pressure from 60-150 PSI and use a mixture of water and abrasive to ensure steel and aluminum won't warp while producing an ideal profile. Also, paint and other grime can be removed from fiberglass bodies without damaging the gel-coat.

Our mobile unit can easily gain access to vessels in the storage lots and keep dust down to a minimal to protect other vessels nearby.

Masonry and Concrete Cleaning

Have beautiful brick or tiles hidden by unwanted paint?  Have concrete surfaces covered by tough epoxy coatings? Let Bear Metal Blasting quickly and safely restore the site.  Our dustless system is easily adjustable making it ideal for removing paint or graffiti without damaging the brick, concrete etc.  Also, our system can clean fungus, moss, soot, and other residue to freshen and renew.

This quick and effective service will remove unwanted paint or coatings while eliminating plumes of dust that would be a nuisance to nearby residences and businesses. 

Powder Coating Removal 

Removing powder coating can be extremely challenging, but it is no challenge to Bear Metal Blasting’s powerful and quick process. Abrasive blasting takes about 30 seconds for every square inch of powder coating removal.

Our eco-friendly abrasive is cheaper and safer than toxic striping used to dip powder coated parts.  Vats of these toxic chemicals are more expensive, hazardous to the environment, and dangerous.

Heavy Equipment Cleaning

Heavy equipment machinery has industrial strength coatings and most likely exposed to layers of construction buildup. The condition of heavily used equipment maybe problematic for other removal methods. 

Our onsite services can quickly clean or assist with equipment maintenance with minimal downtime.

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